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Fees Structure
1. For provisional registration Rs. 1,600/-
2. For permanent registration (M.B.B.S.) for other State Council Rs. 2,200/-
3. For permanent registration (M.B.B.S.) for Uttarakhand State passout Rs. 3,200/-
4. For additional qualification Rs. 600/-
5. For issue of duplicate copy of permanent registration Rs. 500/-
6. For issue of duplicate copy of additional registration certificate Rs. 500/-
7. For issue of duplicate copy of provisional registration certificate Rs. 500/-
8. For issue of NOC for other council Nil
9. For change of marital status or change of surname Rs. 500/-
10. For renewal of registration Rs. 500/-
11. For forwarding application of good standing to be sent to Medical Council of India Rs. 2,000/-
12. For temporary registration Rs. 500/-
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